Through the application of our proprietary software and our ongoing coaching techniques, JUST Values has helped hundreds of companies, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and individuals assess their values and map out a route towards better performance, greater efficiency, and growth.


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For Everyone


A 125-question online survey that prioritizes an individual’s values

The 10-question assessment is a mini-version of our patented Values Management Inventory. This survey is the perfect starting point for anyone looking to identify his or her priorities, as well as an excellent tool for a manager to better understand the members of his or her team. It is a prerequisite for all individual and team coaching services.

For Individuals


Coaching and mentorship for individuals in transition

After interpreting the results of your Values Management Inventory, we work together to set growth-oriented goals. Personal coaching provides support and accountability throughout the process of adjusting your life and career to align with your most deeply held values.



A detailed roadmap for values integration

Personal coaching can lead to the development of a Leadership Plan which outlines concrete steps for living a more value-oriented life.

For Managers, Team Leaders, and Human Resources Professionals


Coaching and mentorship for organizational leaders

Regular coaching of executive-level staff has proven to be a crucial step in moving an organization towards better alignment with its values.



Performance evaluations and professional development plans that integrate values-based perspectives.

Accredited managers and internal mentors work with employees to assess their contributions to the corporate core values. They set professional goals, identify needs for training, and uncover value gaps that need support.



Identification of vision values and team objectives

We work with you to identify key teams within the organization appropriate for an in-depth values alignment process. Through this process, we clarify the vision that team members hold in common and select the corporate values by which the team will measure itself. Together, we create an action plan for high performance and identify any values gaps that may require additional skills or training for achievement.



A web-based program designed to support employees who don’t receive individual coaching or individuals who receive coaching in a group setting

The application provides self-reflection questions about the user’s Foundation, Focus and Vision values and encourages ongoing consideration of how an employee’s personal values contribute to the core values of the company.

For Corporate, Non-Profit, and Educational Leaders



An assessment of the values held by an organization’s members or employees

The Cultural Audit measures the values shared within an organization and identifies gaps between those values and the existing culture in order to transform the group into a collaborative and high-functioning team.



An assessment of an organization’s strengths and development gaps

The Strategic Analysis consists of a series of interviews (?) which yield valuable information about the existing and desired culture of a group. This information is critical for developing a high-functioning team.



An in-depth examination of key organizational documents

We work with you to evaluate important operating documents such as the company website, mission statement, and vision statement to reveal what values they promote. We assist you in revising these documents to reflect your collaborative organization.



A service designed to improve the hiring process by determining job applicants’ alignment with organizational values.

The LeaderAssist™ Comparison profiles several candidates for the same position to provide a summary outline useful to hiring committees.



Training of an internal values team for ongoing organizational development.

In order to set organizations up to continue their values-based alignment, we train and accredit a specially selected team to assess individual and group values within the organization. This team is then ideally situated to develop and execute internal values-based educational programs and conduct annual progress reviews.

Every organization is different, and we pride ourselves on our ability to adapt our offerings to the specific needs and desires of our clients.

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