The world needs more transformative and healing values conversations!

Please join us!

The Leadership Center at Saint Mary’s College and Values Technology, Inc. are again teaming up to offer a Values Level I Accreditation with the Hall-Tonna Values Instrument, which enables participants to provide values surveys and conduct values conversations with.

If you have been looking for a way to deepen your work with values and be able to share your knowledge more fully with others, we have designed two different ways you can participate:

  1. Full Participant - You will retake the values survey, receive 1:1 coaching and spend a weekend engaging in community with values and experiential exercises.  If you feel the call to re-engage with your values, and don’t necessarily wish to become a values practitioner offer coaching sessions at the moment, this is the stream for you.  Price:  $599
  2. Level I Accreditation - If you are more serious about becoming an accredited values conversation coach, Level I may be for you.  With Level I Accreditation, you will receive everything that the Full Participant receives above, plus 3 client practice surveys, Level I manual and supporting materials, and three subsequent practicum casing client sessions via Zoom.  Cost:  $ 2,499 and $ 1,799 for SMC Community.

Successful completion of any of these programs provides you with in-depth and practical knowledge in the Hall-Tonna Values Development System.  Completing Level I Accreditation qualifies you to administer and interpret the Hall-Tonna Values Assessments for individuals.  The program will pay close attention to understanding and using the values assessment tool.  Learning to be a coach is a whole different activity, and we recommend that people interested in becoming coaches also pursue that specific training as well, which many graduates of our MA program have done.    

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