What is JUST Values?

The JUST Values Community is a group of people from all over the world who believes that by exploring our underlying priorities, discovering our strengths and specific skill gaps, and aligning our aspirations with our potential, we evolve and succeed both culturally and financially.

JUST Values is a system for understanding 125 individual and organizational values linked to an exhaustive list of skills and behaviors.

Our statistically validated assessment tool translates expectations to human values for individuals, teams and organizations.

Using our Values Technology proprietary software, we are able to tell you or your clients:

  • Where you are » MEASURE
  • Where you want to go » MENTOR
  • Where you are » MEASURE

With a willingness to regularly readjust strategy to align with shared values, individual, team, and company performance can become constantly self-improving.

Application of the JUST Values assessment process has consistently yielded benefits that include:

  • more efficient and focused work
  • increased ability to collaborate and innovate in the workplace
  • greater employee retention and satisfaction
  • more loyal customer relationships
  • increased sales through brand recognition and value
  • consistency
  • higher revenues, reduced costs, and avoidance of future costs


The Natural Evolution from Values Technology, Inc. to JUST Values

Shortly after the passing of Brian P. Hall, the co-creator with Benjamin Tonna and Fr. Ron Carignan, OMI of Values Technology, the international values technology community gathered to celebrate each other and to decide how to sustain the Values Technology legacy through an innovative and sustainable business.

Based on the help provided in this collegium, it was decided to separate the propriety software technology from the values consulting business. Values Technology is now the business and website where assessment tools can be purchased. JUST Values is Elva Castañeda de Hall’s consulting firm that conducts document analysis, administers and interprets surveys, coaches individuals and teams, and provides Hall-Tonna Values-Based Coaching accreditation.

Elva is also committed to developing a virtual home for the values technology community where everyone can be supportive of each other, share and harvest knowledge of the Hall-Tonna Model, and collaborate to innovate and expand the technology and practices.

To find and engage with members of the JUST Values Community and to read more about the Values Technology founders, please see the Consultants directory here.

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